Hot-selling Peddle Aeration Assembly For Aquaculture

Hot-selling Peddle Aeration Assembly For Aquaculture

Usage: Adding Oxygen Machine
Use: Oxygen Assembly
Type: Surface Aerator Oxygen Equipment
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
This product is suitable for shrimp, eel, raising fish pond, which can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, improve water quality, and increase the stocking density. It can improve the living conditions of the fishery, prevent the death of shrimp fishery due to lack of oxygen, and can effectively improve the economic benefits of the main high-yield fish ponds. It is indispensable for breeding machinery.The machine is composed of a vertical motor, gear box, impeller, pontoon, frame, etc. It has the advantages of convenient assembly and reasonable structure.The impeller and pontoon are made of high-quality plastic, and the frame is made of stainless steel impeller shaft. The product has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance, impact resistance, resistance to sunlight and aging.
Product Features:
Energy Saving.
High Oxygenation Performance From Unique Design.
Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame Ensure Without Any Deformation.
Easy Maintenance.

Product Details




      Thank you for choosing our products, please follow the instructions for correct operation and use. This series of micro-nano ecological dredging system is mainly composed of controller, micro-nano bubble pump, dissolved gas tank, gas explosion tank, gas explosion head, silting device, floating body and auxiliary pipelines, etc. It can be equipped with carbon nano generator, Nuclear magnetic processor and other devices. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the key components of the control system are imported components. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, scientific structure, small size and wide range of uses. It is an advanced new generation of micro-nano bubble generating device.


      The micro-nano bubble generator overcomes the shortcomings of other existing micro-nano bubble generating devices such as bulky, high energy consumption, high cost, large bubbles, etc., adopting a new structure and new process, and is an advanced new type of micro-nano bubble water generating device. This machine can quickly and efficiently produce micro-nano bubble water to meet the requirements of water treatment. Therefore, it can be widely used in the treatment of industrial, agricultural and domestic water. The micro-nano bubble generator works with the scouring and silting system to become a perfect ecological dredging system.


      This product is a high-tech product developed by our company for many years and has obtained a number of patents. Infringement must be investigated! This product is equipped with a dedicated controller and has various working methods such as variable frequency speed regulation and constant speed. It has many kinds of working modes, such as constant pressure and constant current water supply, regular startup and shutdown, remote network operation, intelligent operation and other . It has a wide range of applications, and can be used under 50/60Hz and wide voltage.The product has a constant output, keeping the head flow rate unchanged. Due to the use of high-efficiency motors (the highest efficiency of the motor is 92%), the single-phase power factor is up to 0.99, and with the comprehensive loss of the controller, the efficiency is much higher than similar products.


      The controller for this product has the functions of AC and DC solar energy input, and can be equipped with suitable solar panels to form a solar product device. The product has automatic solar frequency conversion, automatic conversion of AC and solar energy.The solar energy utilization rate is 100%, and efficiency is more than 20% higher than other similar products.


     This manual describes the characteristics, principles, layout and application scope of the micro-nano bubble ecological dredging system purchased by the user, and provides knowledge about the installation, use, maintenance and maintenance of the device. Be sure to read this manual carefully before using the machine. After you have read this manual, please keep it in a safe place, and do not discard it, so that you can maintain it later.



System structure  



     The micro-nano bubble generator is composed of a generating device and a releasing device, and mainly comprises a micro-nano bubble generator, a dissolved gas tank, a gas explosion tank, and a gas explosion head. When the gas enters the micro-nano bubble generating device through the intake pipe, it is thoroughly mixed with the raw water, and processed by high-speed rotary cutting and fine mixing to form micro-nano bubbles with a diameter of less than 50μm, and then released in the form of explosive gas by a release device.


The scouring and silting system is mainly composed of scouring and silting pumps, silting heads and their corresponding connecting pipes. It relies on the strong pressure and impact force generated by the scouring and silting pumps to fully scour the bottom sludge in the water, so that the sludge is fully mixed and degraded with enzymes to achieve good ecological effect of degrading sludge.



System features



A) High efficiency, using synchronous motor as the power source, and the efficiency is very high (more than 95%).


B) The amount of dissolved gas is high and the bubble concentration is high.


C) Fast speed, high flow rate, and a variety of models with large flow rates are available.


D) Diversified gas sources (oxygen, ozone, air, etc.).


E) Diffusion is better.


F) The bubble rises slowly and has a long retention time.


G) The micro-nano bubble generator can not only use the air source, but also externally connect other gas sources (such as pure oxygen, ozone, etc.) to meet the functions of aeration and disinfection.


H)The micro-nano bubble generator is also equipped with an enzyme feed port, which is used together with the enzyme to exert the maximum effect of water treatment.






A) Oxygen supply in fish farming;


B) River purification, livestock drainage purification;


C) The increase of dissolved oxygen during hydroponic cultivation;


D) Sterilization, decolorization and deodorization of ozone mixing generator;


E) Promotion of fermentation culture of fermented foods;


F) Gas-liquid reactor of chemical plant;


G) Food processing cleaning and disinfection;


H) Sewage treatment.



Service conditions of the system



The main structure of the generator is made of stainless steel, which can be applied to most fluids. However, it should be noted that the fluid should not contain high chloride ions to avoid corrosion to the generator shell.



Micro-nano bubble characteristics



(1) Long stay in water

      When a general bubble is generated in water, it will quickly rise to the surface of the water and rupture and disappear, that is, the existence time is short. Microbubbles can be tens of seconds or even minutes in the water from the production to the final rupture. According to research data, the bubble with a diameter of 1 mm has a rising speed of 6 m/min in water, and the bubble with a diameter of 10 μm has a rising speed of 3 mm/min in water. It can be seen that the microbubbles rise very slowly in water, so they can stay in the water for a long time.





(2) Chargeability

      The surface of the micro-bubble is negatively charged, and the negative charge is relatively high compared with the ordinary bubble. Generally, the surface load of the bubble below 30 μm is about -40 mV, which is also the time when the micro-bubbles can be gathered together for a long time without breaking. one of the reasons. By utilizing the negative charge of microbubbles, it is possible to adsorb positively charged substances in water, which has a good effect on the adsorption and separation of suspended solids or pollutants in water.



(3) Self-pressurization and dissolution

      The pressure inside the bubble is related to the surface tension. The diameter of the bubble is about small, and the internal pressure is larger. Because the diameter of the micro bubble is small and the specific surface area is large, its internal pressure is much higher than the pressure of the external liquid. It is precisely due to the advantages of the internal pressurization and large specific surface area of the micro-bubble that its dissolving capacity of gas is hundreds of times that of millimeter-level bubbles.Because solubility has a lot to do with pressure, when the internal pressure of the microbubbles increases to a certain value, the interface will be supersaturated. When more gas in the bubble is dissolved into the water, it will slowly dissolve and disappear .



(4) Shrinkage

      Micron bubbles are constantly shrinking or expanding due to their own pressurization, and their diameters are constantly changing. According to the latest research, bubbles of 20μm~40μm will shrink to about 8um at 1.3μm/s, and then the shrinkage speed will increase sharply. After that, it may further split into nano-sized bubbles or completely dissolve in water.



(5) High dynamic potential of the interface

      The surface of the microbubble will adsorb charged ions such as OH-, and around the OH-ion layer, a counter-charged ion layer such as H+ will be distributed, so that the surface of the microbubble forms an electric double layer, and the interface of the electric double layer The potential is also called the interface dynamic potential, and the interface dynamic potential determines the adsorption performance of the microbubble interface to a large extent. Because of the shrinkage of the microbubbles, the charge ions accumulate at the interface of the bubbles in a large amount of time. Until the bubble completely ruptures and dissolves, the interfacial electromotive force always increases, showing that the adsorption performance of the charged particles in the water is better.



(6) generating free radical ions

        Generally, in the case of water, the microbubble below 10 μm shrinks, and the density of the electric charge in the electric double layer increases rapidly until the bubble bursts, and the positive and negative electric charge that has reached a very high concentration releases the accumulated energy, resulting in the release of energy. A large number of free radical ions, such as oxygen ions, hydrogen ions, hydroxide ions, and the like. Among them, the hydroxyl radical has a strong oxidation effect, which can oxidize and decompose some organic pollutants that are difficult to degrade, and has a good effect of purifying water quality.



(7) High oxygen mass transfer efficiency

      In the process of detonating wastewater treatment, the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of wastewater treatment, and the size of the bubble diameter is inseparable from the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen during gas explosion. Since the microbubbles have a large specific surface area, they can stay in the water for a long time, and their own superchargeability makes the mass transfer efficiency of the gas-liquid interface continue to increase.



Micro-nano generator technical parameters



Model Rated Power
Installed Capacity
Rated Voltage
Rated micro-nano bubble water flow
Dissolved gas volume
Oxygen supply
8SZWQ40-15 15 18.5 380 40 100 7.74  
8SZWQ30-7.5 7.5 11 380 25 60 4.64  
4SZWQ5-1.5 1.5 3 380 5 8 0.62