Solar submersible pump composite in situ water system

Solar submersible pump composite in situ water system

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Structure: Multistage Pump
Usage: Water
Application: Submersible
Power: Electric
Pressure: High Pressure
OEM: Acceptable
Material: Stainless steel

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Nanjing Ruidi composite energy water system manual


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Basic structure: The machine is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, live water impeller, enzyme warehouse, solar power generation system and control system.


The basic principle: the working water impeller is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the treated sewage at the bottom of the impeller is gradually diffused to a distant place by the rotating wave of the impeller. This machine has strong wave-making ability. The diameter of the wave is more than 200m, which greatly improves the contact area between water and air. Through the aeration, air contact and algae photosynthesis, ultraviolet radiation, etc., the oxygen content of the whole water body is gradually increased. In order to achieve the purpose of improving water quality. The machine also has excellent water lifting capacity. By extracting the bottom water from the bottom of the impeller to the surface of the water body, a good circulation of the water body is formed, the bottom matrix of the water bottom is improved, and the water pollution is suppressed.


Scope of application: The water machine is suitable for the treatment of polluted water bodies such as rivers and lakes. The solar power generation device can be configured for sewage treatment under no electricity conditions.









No. Name Quantity
1 Small yellow duck decorative set 1
2 Enzyme box 1
3 Hydraulic pump 1
4 Hydraulic tank 1
5 Hydraulic motor 1
6 Linkage disk 1
7 Impeller 1
8 Protective frame 1
9 Adjust the tension bolt 2
10 Spring protection cover 2



Living water system schematic





Model Land Occupation
Rated Speed
Processing capacity Note
  φ3.1 1.5 40-60   Pure water
  φ6.3 1.5 40-60   With quantum living water
  φ6.3 1.5 40-60   Solar energy with quantum living water



pdf:Water machine structure diagram