Variable frequency drive permanent magnet brushless motor controller

Variable frequency drive permanent magnet brushless motor controller

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor



The pump fan is equipped with a DC brushless high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has various automatic functions and belongs to a new generation of DC frequency conversion technology motor. The motor is small in size and light in weight. It can reach 4 to 5 times the power of an asynchronous motor of the same specification at 5000 rpm, and more than twice the power of an asynchronous motor of the same specification at 3000 rpm. The efficiency is as high as 90 or more, reaching the national secondary energy consumption standard. It can work with constant power, constant speed, constant torque, etc. It has the characteristics of fast response speed and precise control. Its output power curve in the entire power load section is flat, and the entire section of motor efficiency is also high in efficiency. They are beyond the reach of other motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motors have high efficiency. Compared with asynchronous motors with common power, the efficiency is much higher. The efficiency is 15-20% higher than that of single-phase asynchronous motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors have variable frequency controller losses), and are more efficient than three-phase asynchronous motors. The efficiency of the motor should be 7-10% higher. If the three-phase asynchronous motor is also equipped with frequency conversion control, the efficiency will be 10-13% higher than that. You can ee the motor load characteristics table for details.The appearance, installation method and installation dimensions of the motor are the same as that of Y2 motor.



Model description:







SDC20A/24V SOLAR 100-400W 1.0 34*13*12 G、H
SDC20A/48V SOLAR 180-750W 1.6 34*21*12 G、H
SDC15A/96V  SOLAR 750-1300W 1.6 34*21*12 H
SDC10A/220V AC/DC/SOLAR 0.75-1.1KW 3.0 34*20.5*20.5 E、F
SDC15A/220V AC/DC/SOLAR 1.1-1.5KW 3.0 34*20.5*20.5 E、F
ACS10A/220V AC/DC/SOLAR 750W-1.1KW 3.3 34*20.5*20.5 E、F
ACS15A/220V AC/DC/SOLAR 1.1-1.5KW 3.3 34*20.5*20.5 E、F
ACS20A/220V  AC/DC/SOLAR 2.2-3.0KW 4.0 41.5*25.5*24.6 E、D
SDC13A/380V-3KW AC/DC/SOLAR 3KW 3.0 34*20.5*20.5 D
SDC16A/380V-4KW  AC/DC/SOLAR 0.75-1.1KW 3.0 41.5*25.5*24.6 D
SDC19A/380V-5.5KW  AC/DC/SOLAR 1.1-1.5KW 3.0 41.5*25.5*24.6 D
ACR13A/380V-4KW  AC/DC/SOLAR 3KW 3.0 34*20.5*20.5 D
ACR16A/380V-5.5KW AC/DC/SOLAR 4.5KW 6.0 41.5*25.5*24.6 D
ACR19A/380V-7.5KW  AC/DC/SOLAR 5.5KW 6.0 41.5*25.5*24.6 C、D
ACR23A/380V-11KW AC/DC/SOLAR 7.5-11KW 6.5 41.5*25.5*24.6 C
ACR32A/380V-15KW AC/DC/SOLAR 15KW 6.7 41.5*25.5*24.6 C
ACR37A/380V-18KW AC/DC/SOLAR 18KW 11.3 61*38*33 B
ACR47A/380V-22KW AC/DC/SOLAR 22KW 17 61*38*33 B
ACR62A/380V-30KW AC/DC/SOLAR 30KW 20.5 60*42*36 B
ACR75A/380V-37KW  AC/DC/SOLAR 37KW 20.5 60*42*36 A
ACR100A/380V-45KW AC/DC/SOLAR 45KW 20.5 60*42*36 A
ACR120A/380V-55KW AC/DC/SOLAR 55KW 33 73*46*39 A
ACR160A/380V-75KW AC/DC/SOLAR 75KW 33 73*46*39 A
ACR200A/380V-100KW AC/DC/SOLAR 100KW 53 85*54*43 A
ACR240A/380V-110KW AC/DC/SOLAR 110KW 136 106*55*38 A
ACR260A/380V-132KW AC/DC/SOLAR 132KW 136 106*54*38 A
ACR300A/380V-160KW AC/DC/SOLAR 160KW 157 124*60*40 A