SZW 1.1kw 2m3/h deep well pump 2 inch diameter

SZW 1.1kw 2m3/h deep well pump 2 inch diameter

Product Details

High speed deep well pump



      The high-speed and high-efficiency deep-well pump is a new type of deep-well pump powered by a high-speed and high-efficiency DC brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compared with the current ordinary deep well pump, its volume and weight are 1/3 to 1/4 of the conventional well pump of the same specification, power and head flow. It has the characteristics of high speed operation, energy saving, high efficiency, and complete functions. It is a new generation of well-used submersible pump with mechatronics and a milestone product in the development of submersible pumps.

      This pump is a high-tech product developed by our company for many years. The principle technology has obtained 1 invention patent from the State Intellectual Property Office, 11 related utility model patents, and 3 international patents. The pump is equipped with a dedicated controller to work with various working modes such as variable frequency speed regulation and constant speed. It can supply water with constant pressure and constant current, regularly turn on and off, remote network operation, and intelligent operation. It has a wide range of applications, 50/60Hz can be used, wide voltage use, constant output, so that the head flow rate remains unchanged. Due to the use of a high-efficiency motor (the highest efficiency of the motor is 92%), the single-phase power factor is up to 0.99, and plus the comprehensive loss of the controller, the pump efficiency is much higher than the ordinary parallel pump of the asynchronous motor.

      The pump is suitable for water supply and drainage, fountains, solar energy and other submersible pump applications, and is widely used in various industries such as industry, agriculture, petrochemical, and water treatment. Especially in terms of high-power and high-lift, it has a unique leading advantage, which will be the future development direction of submersible pumps, and it is a new generation of mechatronics well submersible.


      This pump is mainly used for all kinds of water supply and drainage, fountain , solar system and all other field requires deep well pump, widely used in industry , agriculture, petrochemical industry, medicinal industry and all kinds of water process. This pump has obvious advantages especially for those request high pump head and big power. It's a new generation electromechanical integration well pump, and it would be the future direction of deep well pump development.



Model description





Note: The permanent magnet synchronous motor series deep well pump needs to be equipped with a variable frequency controller to operate. The three leads of the pump cannot be directly connected to the three-phase power supply.



2 Inch Pump Technical Parameters





2SZW1.5-20-0.25 1.5/2.6 20/33 0.38 220 7200 495 3.6 1 50 95*95*500
2SZW1.5-30-0.37 1.5/2.6 30/50 0.55 220 7200 540 3.7 1 50 95*95*500
2SZW1.5-45-0.55 1.5/2.6 45/72 0.73 220 7200 595 3.8 1 50 95*95*500
2SZW1.5-60-0.75 1.5/2.6 60/98 1.1 220 7200 650 4.2 1 50 95*95*600
2SZW1.5-90-1.1 1.5/2.6 60/83 1.5 220 7200 690 4.5 1 50 95*95*700
2SZW2-20-0.37 2/3 20/50 0.55 220 7200 540 3.7 1 50 95*95*500
2SZW2-30-0.55 2/3 30/72 0.73 220 7200 595 3.8 1 50 95*95*500
2SZW2-45-0.75 2/3 45/98 1.1 220 7200 650 4.2 1 50 95*95*600
2SZW2-60-1.1 2/3 60/130 1.5 220 7200 690 3.6 1 50 95*95*600