What is the function of a water heater with a circulating pump?


Water heater refers to a kind of device that makes the […]

Water heater refers to a kind of device that makes the temperature of cold water rise into hot water in a certain period of time through various physical principles.

Circulating pump dao refers to a pumpSolar Surface Pumps Manufacturers in China for circulating liquid in the device for conveying reaction, absorption, separation, and regeneration of absorption liquid. Its head is low, just to overcome the pressure drop of the circulation system. A low-lift pump can be used.

Advantages of water heaters: high efficiency, fast heating speed, stable temperature adjustment, continuous use by multiple people, and a fixed number of consumers. In winter, you can have hot water in the kitchen at any time, which is convenient; the water temperature is constant and the purchase cost is cheap.


Circulating pump advantages: no water leakage magnetic drive has no dynamic seals, which fundamentally eliminates water leakage; the accuracy of small noise key parts is up to 2 thousandths of a millimeter, ensuring quiet performance; long life, using mirror ceramic and ceramic nano-bearings to resist wear, Ensure long life; low power consumption due to reasonable matching, the motor power is very small, and the hourly electricity cost is about one cent; small size and light weight. Low water quality requirements. Small debris in the circulating water will not affect the operation of the circulating pump; it has the function of preventing burning. If the pump is entangled by debris, it will not damage the motor due to overload.

The function of the water heater with a circulating pump: Circulating pump refers to the role of the pump, centrifugal pump refers to the structure of the pump, the two are completely two concepts. The working principle of the circulating pump The pump used to circulate the water is called the circulating pump. For example, the hot water in the plumbing heating pipeline is circulated by the circulating pump. The pump is used to transport the circulating liquid for reaction, absorption, separation, and regeneration of the absorption liquid.

If an excellent hot water return device is installed in the home: hot water is available as soon as the tap is turned on, quickly and in time, without waiting. And save tap water and reduce water waste. Since there is very little cold water in the water pipe, less cold water is wasted when the tap is turned on. It also saves family space. Since the central water heater or water storage tank is generally placed on the balcony or basement, it does not occupy the daily family living space and beautify the room.

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