What Is A Solar Pump


A solar pump as the name suggest is the one which relie […]

A solar pump as the name suggest is the one which relies on solar photovoltaic (PV) panel for electricity. While the output of the panel may directly be fed into the pump, (almost all the time) a converter/inverter is provided to ensure that the required input power for the pump is achieved and maintained constantly. With its advantages in mind, this blog aims to educate its reader on basic introduction on solar pumps and its technical requirements.

Full-automatic frequency inverter solar power stainless steel self-priming pump

Solar pumping is when you have a regular pump but instead of being powered by the grid, it is powered by a set of solar pannels. So it becomes an off-the-grid pump. This is normally used in places where there is no easy access to the grid (remote places) and the sun shines regularly.


Normally you will need a set of pannels, an inverter (because most pumps are AC and the pannel output DC) and a regular pump. If you want batteries (so the pump can work when you have no sun) then you’ll likely need a battery pack plus a charge regulator to maintain the batteries.

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