What is a brushless DC pump?


The brushless DC water pump is a water pump named accor […]

The brushless DC water pump is a water pump named according to the working current type of the bai water pump and the motor type of the water pump. It contains two points: dao
1. The attribute of the working current is direct current, which generates a stable and stable current. The common DC12V and DC24V are generally lower than 36V. Such currents are safe currents, and there is no danger of electric shock if the human body comes into contact with this current. , Is a safe voltage. The traditional water pump power supply is 220V AC, so you must pay attention to the safe use of electricity, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock.
2. The motor of the water pumpDC Water Pumps Suppliers is brushless. What is a brushless motor? Let’s talk about the traditional brush motor. The traditional motor uses brush commutation to change the direction of coil current.

The brush commutation needs to be in contact with the coil contact piece. After a long time, the brush will wear out and produce carbon powder. The contact of the coil contacts will be poor, so the brushed motor will be broken. The brushless motor uses electronic components to induce commutation. There is no carbon brush, so it is called a brushless motor. Without carbon brushes, there will be no wear and no damage to the motor, which greatly increases the service life of the pump motor.
Therefore, the characteristics of the DC brushless water pump are: safety, sanitation, long service life, low noise and stable operation.

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