Reason For Using A Pump Controller


Pump controllers monitor flow and/or level variables, a […]

Pump controllers monitor flow and/or level variables, and control a pump accordingly to maintain the desired levels.


The reason for using a pump controller is simple - a failed pump can have a lot of consequences in an industrial setting. Pump control panels are designed based on the requirements set by the end-user and the conditions on which a pump will be operating.

Low pressure solar pump controller

It is time for us to take a quick look into the basic functions of a pump controller:


A typical pump controller’s basic objective is to ensure that the pump is not subjected to overloads.
A pump controller is also instrumental when it comes to keeping an eye on the temperature of the pump motor itself.
A pump controller ensures that the pump never runs dry.
A pump controller also keeps tabs on whether or not the same is moving fluids properly.
One can also adjust the speed of the pump based on their preferences using a pump controller.

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