Pump Controllers Control Various Aspects


Pump controllers control various aspects of your pumps, […]

Pump controllers control various aspects of your pumps, regardless whether you're using submersible pumps, circulator pumps, stormwater pumps or any other pumps. You save tabs on how all of your heavy-duty pumps are working and whether your system is performing at your imperative flow rate. You can get it in Solution Controls at best possible status.

Smaller pumps must be controlled completely differently than larger pumps with more power. Even the starting and the braking process of the different pump sizes differ immensely from each other. This requires completely different properties of the pump control.


Many of the solar pumps require a controller if they are to be powered directly by PV modules (without batteries). Solar pump controllers optimize your solar water pumping system by translating the current and voltage available from your photovoltaic panels, into a combination that is better matched to that needed by the pump.


The pump control panel can incorporate simply turning a pump on and off or more superior controls for pump rate, output pressure, etc. The connection is easy. The pump control is firmly wired to provide adjustable control and guard against short circuits and overloads. Enough space is given for field adjustments and installation of accessories.


The entire voltage starter pump controllers are specifically composed for the farming, petrochemical and other businesses requiring pump control. There is a full range of controllers available to meet different needs.

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