Pump Controller Or Pump Control Panel


A pump controller or a pump control panel does the simp […]

A pump controller or a pump control panel does the simple but important job of protecting a pump motor.

Waterproof controller box

Pump control can include simply turning a pump on and off, or more advanced controls for pump speed, output pressure, etc. Many pump controllers include rate indication features and totalizer, data logger, and chart recorder capabilities. Products that provide level or pressure control are also available. Level controllers monitor, regulate, and control liquid or solid levels in a process.


Pressure controllers accept inputs from pressure sensors, transmitters, gauges, and other devices. These pump controllers then adjust and control the pressure to maintain or achieve a desired level. Some pump controllers are printed circuit boards (PCB) that can be plugged directly into a computer backplane.


Others attach to a panel or bolt onto a chassis, wall, cabinet, or enclosure; mount in racks and include hardware such as rail guides, flanges, or tabs; or mount on a standard DIN rail. Benchtop or floor-standing pump controllers with a full casing or cabinet and an integral interface are also available.

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