The reason for the water pump leakage?

摘要: 1. Reasons for water pump leakage   (1) When the water pump was installed, the water seal seat asse...
The reason for the water pump leakage?


1. Reasons for water pump leakage

  (1) When the water pump was installed, the water seal seat assembly was not installed in place, causing the water pump to continue to leak. Since there is a water ring on the pump shaft corresponding to the inspection hole, when the water seal leaks, the cooling water will be thrown out and dripping out from the inspection hole of the pump when the water seal leaks. Cooling water flows into the bearing to destroy the lubrication. In addition, when the water retaining ring is replaced, care is not taken to remove the inability to bond and seal the pump body and the pump cover, which will also cause the water pump to leak.

 (2) The working environment of construction machinery is harsh, which easily causes uneven wear of the bakelite gasket and the end face of the bushing; the spring is soaked in water for a long time, it is easy to rust, the elasticity decreases, and it can also cause water leakage.

 (3) Forgetting to discharge water or the water is not clean in winter, and the temperature is too high when the water is discharged, and the water vapor in the cooling system freezes after condensation, which may cause the water pump body to freeze and crack and cause water leakage.

 (4) The machine is old, and the parts in the water seal are worn, rusted and aging, which are also the reasons for the water pump leakage. When the construction machinery is parked for a long time, the bakelite gasket is deformed due to dryness and shrinkage due to the lack of cooling water in the engine; after adding water, the bakelite gasket will expand but cannot completely return to its original state, which will inevitably cause a small amount of water leakage. In addition, for the newly installed water pump, the bakelite gasket and the cast iron bushing have not been completely run-in, which will also cause a small amount of water leakage in the water pump.

 2, emergency measures

If it is found that the water pump of the working engine is leaking, it should not be stopped immediately. It should be kept at a low and stable speed, and at the same time, add water to the cooling system while draining water (note: when opening the water filler cap, place a Cover to prevent scalding by the steam coming out), cool the engine, drive at a short time and at a slow speed, and drive to a nearby hidden place to remove it. In case of sudden water leakage due to a rupture of the water pump housing, or damage to the internal parts of the water pump and loss of pumping function, the relevant parts can be replaced as appropriate to eliminate the fault.

If the water pump is badly damaged and there is no repair condition on the way, you can directly connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump to make full use of the natural circulation of cold and hot water to temporarily keep the engine at normal temperature; or use an inner tube or bucket as The container, fix it firmly, and then lead out two hoses from the container, one is connected to the water inlet of the engineVibrator Motors Factory in China, the other is connected to the water outlet of the engine, and the other ends of the two tubes are inserted into the container Inside, and the hose should be fixed firmly.


    If only the water pump casing has cracks and water leaks, the cracks can be cleaned up and then glued with adhesive. For emergency purposes, egg white and cement can be mixed to form a sticky mass and smear it on the cracks, and it can be used after setting for a few minutes.

     During the driving or operation of construction machinery, it is common for the water seal of the water pump to leak. As long as there is no damage or swelling or deformation of the water throwing ring, insufficient spring force or broken of the water seal, emergency treatment can be carried out. The specific method of emergency treatment is: if the water seal of the water pump has a slight leak due to the lack of sealing, but the wear is not too serious, you can spread an emery cloth on the glass plate or flat plate, and smooth the sealing surface of the water seal. The bakelite water seal can be turned over before use. However, it should be noted that the contact surface on the water cover and the pump body should be ground to ensure its sealing performance.