How to solve the bearing rust of vertical vibration motor


1. Try to use solvent-free paint.   2. If possible, use […]

1. Try to use solvent-free paint.  

2. If possible, use impregnating varnish that does not contain oxidizing components, such as epoxy urethane or unmodified epoxy impregnating varnish.  

3. When using melamine dipping varnish, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted. The curing temperature should be slightly higher than 130℃ (such as 135℃) and the curing time should be longer than 180min, and the process must be strictly implemented, especially at high temperatures. In the wet season, the rotary vibrating screen is because from the concept of anti-rust, the paint drying (curing) time specified in the paint factory's sample is not necessarily sufficient, and the motor has a specific internal shape.
4. Use paint without volatile acid.  

5. Choose paint with good hydrolysis resistance.  

6. Try to use mineral oil-based bearing grease.  

7. When the motor factory is injecting grease on its own, in order to prevent water vaporVibrator Motors Factory in China and dust in the air from entering the bearing to generate noise and another factor of rust, the grease container should be sealed, even when the grease is injected. This should be the case, and the amount of grease injection should be fixed according to the standard. For example, when 6202 bearings are used, the reference value is within the range of 0.60 to 0.80g, and the grease injection process should be kept clean and dry.  

8. Choose plastic film packaging with a microporous movable rotary vibrating screen. The rotary vibrating screen allows the motor to have a certain degree of ventilation before starting. When the package is sealed with plastic film, the paint gas will remain in the bearing and moisture will condense, which should be avoided.  
9. The grease may deteriorate under the influence of high temperature when the motor cover is sprayed with powder or painted.  

10. Consult with the bearing manufacturer to use a more effective anti-rust agent during bearing production.  

11. In order to completely solve the paint rust, you can consider the motor manufacturer, the bearing manufacturer and the paint manufacturer to discuss together, and integrate all aspects of the ability to solve the bearing rust.

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