How to prevent the occurrence of burning of the vibration motor?


Vibration motor is an important power equipment in the […]

Vibration motor is an important power equipment in the production process. Because of the green circuit or long-term operation, the vibration motor may burn out if it is used improperly. Not only will it cause economic losses, but it will also affect normal production. So, what can we do to prevent the vibration motor from burning out in daily use?

1. Always keep the motor clean.

When the vibration motor is in operation, no dust, water stains and other debris are allowed within at least 3m around the air inlet to prevent inhalation into the motorThree Phase Galvanized Sheet Steel Blower Fan, forming a short-circuit medium, or damaging the wire.

Layer, causing a short circuit, increasing the current, and burning out the motor when the temperature rises. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the motor has sufficient insulation resistance and a good ventilation and cooling environment to make the motor

Maintain a stable working condition during long-term operation






2. Ensure that the startup device is working properly.

The maintenance of the starting equipment is mainly clean and tight. If the contactor contacts are not clean, the contact resistance will increase, causing heat to burn the contacts, and the motor will be burnt out due to lack of phase.

The rust and dust accumulation of the iron core of the pull-in wire will cause the wiring diagram to not be closed tightly, and strong noise will occur, which will increase the coil current and burn out the coil and cause malfunctions.
3. Keep the vibration motor often working under the rated current

The main reason for the overload operation of the vibration motor is caused by the excessive load, the voltage is too low, or the driven machinery is stuck. If the overload time is too long, the motor will

A large amount of active power is absorbed in the network, the current increases sharply, and the temperature rises accordingly. At high temperatures, the insulation of the motor will age and the failure surface will burn out.

It can be seen that the daily maintenance of the vibration motor is very important, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is working at the rated current. In addition to these, you must always observe whether the motor is vibrating or not.

Often, if there is an abnormal smell, and there is an abnormal phenomenon, stop the machine for inspection in time.

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