How to improve the anti-corrosion and heat preservation effect of the pump?


The anticorrosion and heat preservation of the pump pla […]

The anticorrosion and heat preservation of the pump play an important role in the work of the pump. Everyone knows that most of the pump media is corrosive, and the temperature of the media is different, the degree of corrosion is different, how to improve the anti-corrosion and heat preservation effect of the pump?

Anti-corrosion is the primary problem of the pumpChina Axial-flow Pump With Immense Flow. During the use of the fluoroplastic pump, it must be carried out in accordance with the operating rules. This can improve the working efficiency and service life of the pump, and it can also effectively reduce the leakage and seepage caused by mechanical failure caused by misoperation. Leakage accidents, reducing equipment corrosion problems. Fluoroplastics themselves have good corrosion resistance characteristics, as long as we usually pay attention not to damage them and pay attention to environmental conditions.


There is also the protection against induced corrosion of AC transmission lines. Generally speaking, the corrosion caused by AC is much smaller than that of DC, about 1% or less of DC. However, when the high-voltage AC transmission line is erected in parallel with the pipeline, due to the influence of the electrostatic field and the alternating magnetic field, an alternating current is induced to the metal pipeline. At this time, the impact and harm on the pipeline cannot be ignored. In the case of AC and DC superimposition , The presence of alternating current can cause depolarization of the electrode surface and accelerate corrosion. In addition to avoiding or shortening the length of the parallel section as much as possible.

Insulation measures are indispensable, especially in low temperature weather. If the equipment is a closed storage equipment, heat preservation treatment should be carried out for the conveying pipeline and each connection valve. If it is an open storage tank, it is necessary to effectively control the surrounding environment to remove flammable and explosive objects. It is best to heat the periphery of the storage tank to ensure that the medium does not solidify.

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