How to design a solar photovoltaic water pump system


Many people think that designing a solar water pump sys […]

Many people think that designing a solar water pump system is a very difficult task. Actually, this is not the case.


In fact, as long as you have a little knowledge of relevant physics, you can design a solar pump system. Below, we give some design suggestions.

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First of all, we know that solar water pump system components include: water pump, solar water pump inverter, and solar panel.


Solar panels can convert light and heat into electricity. The solar water pump inverter converts the transmitted electricity from DC to document AC, and then drives the work of the water pump. In addition, the inverter can continuously adjust the output voltage, and convert the unstable voltage into a stable voltage through a comprehensive protection device. In addition, the remote control function can monitor the operation of the solar photovoltaic water pump system through the mobile phone and the computer.


So how to design a suitable solar water pump system? We give the following suggestions:


1. Refer to your flow and head requirements
According to your flow and head needs, choose the right pump. Flow rate refers to the amount of water you need per hour or day. Head refers to how high the water is pumped away from the well.
2. Choose the right solar pump inverter
According to the various parameters of the selected pump, choose a suitable solar pump inverter. The pump parameters include: AC, DC, single-phase, three-phase, boost, pump power, indoor use, outdoor use, underground use and so on. Furthermore, choose the appropriate inverter.
3. Choose the right solar panel
According to the power of the water pump and the intensity of the sun, choose a suitable solar panel. Usually, we choose the power of the battery board, which is 1.5 times the power of the water pump. If you want more voltage output, we will increase the battery board appropriately.

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