How to check the vibration motor temperature is too high?


      If the temperature of the vibration motorEfficien […]

      If the temperature of the vibration motorEfficient High Flow Anti-Smash Pump is too high, it will burn the vibration motor. If you find that the temperature of the vibration motor is too high, where should you start?

     First, analyze the reasons for the high temperature: 1. Mechanical part failure: 1. Does the vibration motor run friction with external objects? Blockage, aging, damage, lack of oil or grease intolerance to high temperature, etc. 2. The overload caused by the excessive load exceeds the motor's power allowable range, especially the damage of the bearing can easily cause friction between the rotor and the stator.


In this state, if it is not handled in time, the motor wire package will be burned. 2. The cause of the electrical part: voltage instability (too low or too high), lack of phase, short circuit between phases or turns of the motor coil, too much difference in the three-phase voltage imbalance, and the wire package is impregnated and grounded and insulated. , The cable is not matched, heats up, and the connector is loose. 3. Power failure analysis: If the motor rotates smoothly and the bearing does not generate heat, it may be a problem with the electrical part.

Vibration motors are now more and more widely used, and have become the main power components of many mechanical equipment. Abnormal vibration motors will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment. Excessive current in the period is one of the main faults-causing the vibration motor current to be too high The main reasons are the mechanical part and the electrical part.

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