Explain the moisture-proof and dust-proof measures of the vibration motor


The use environment of the vibration motor is more comp […]

The use environment of the vibration motor is more complicated, humid and dusty, and the air circulation is also poor. In addition, most users do not pay attention to the maintenance of the vibration motor, which often causes the vibration motor to be destroyed in advance! In order to effectively extend the service life of the vibration motor, the editor summarizes some moisture-proof and dust-proof measures for the vibration motor!

1. How to prevent moisture

(1) Try to use solvent-free paint for the vibration motor.External Water Concrete Vibrator

(2) If possible, use impregnating varnish that does not contain oxidizing components, such as epoxy urethane or unmodified epoxy impregnating varnish.

(3) When using melamine dipping paint, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted. The curing temperature should be slightly higher than 130℃ (such as 135℃) and the curing time should be longer than 180min, and the process must be strictly implemented, especially in In the hot and humid season, the rotary vibrating screen is because from the concept of anti-rust, the paint drying (curing) time specified in the sample of the paint factory is not necessarily sufficient, and the motor has a specific internal shape.

(4) Use paint without volatile acid.

(5) Choose paint with good hydrolysis resistance.

(6) Try to choose mineral oil-based bearing grease.

2. How to prevent dust

Because there is no fan to dissipate the heat, the vibration motor relies on natural cooling. In addition, the working conditions are mostly very vulgar. The dust is large, and the dust is easy to deposit in the heart of the motor, which causes the internal temperature to be too high, leading to failure. How to effectively prevent dust?

 (1) Clean the internal dust of the vibration motor regularly to make it work in good condition;

(2) During the design process, the vibration motor core should be as lubricated as possible so that dust is not easy to accumulate. If working in a dusty condition, consider subtracting the heat dissipation ribs inside the movement, because at this time, the heat dissipation ribs will not only increase Without the effect of heat dissipation, it is easy to deposit dust and hinder the heat dissipation of the vibration motor.

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