WM series hot water / hot oil Muchuan vortex pump

WM series hot water / hot oil Muchuan vortex pump

The unique heat dissipation design of the bearing housing ensures a reduced temperature at the dynamic seal (or mechanical seal) faces and the bearings. Back pull out for ease of maintenance.These pumps are further equipped with a safety stuffing box and throttling area in front of the dynamic seal (or mechanical seal). High temperature bearings are fitted where applicable. No special motor or coupling guard required due to unique heat dissipation design.

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      The WM series vortex pump is a radial suction type high temperature medium transfer circulating vortex pump, and the circulating medium is a liquid (water, heat transfer oil, etc.) containing no particles or fibers. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, simple structure, stable performance and wide application range. It is widely used in small mold temperature control machines, boiler water supply systems, small hot oil furnaces, and barrel temperature control machines.



Model Flange Diameter Motor
Max Head
Pump Weight
WM-05 6min1inch 0.37/1/2 3Φ-380V 50 2760 28 42 9
WM-05S 6min1inch 0.37/1/2 1Φ-220V 50 2760 28 42 9
WM-10 6min1inch 0.75/1 3Φ-380V 50 2760 38 56 12.5
WM-10S 6min1inch 0.75/1 1Φ-220V 50 2760 38 56 12.5
WM-20 1inch 1.5/2 3Φ-380V 50 2760 60 110 18
WM20S 1inch 1.5/2 1Φ-220V 50 2760 60 110 18