Three ways to teach you the problems that occur in the daily operation of the vibration motor


1. If the bearing of the vibration motor is not working […]

1. If the bearing of the vibration motor is not working properly, it can be judged by hearing and temperature based on experience. Use a listening rod (copper rod) to touch the bearing box. If you hear an impact sound, it means that one or several balls may be smashed. If you hear a sizzling sound, it means that the lubricating oil of the bearing is insufficient, because the motor needs every time The grease needs to be changed once after 3000-5000 hours of operation. It is not easy to add too much grease. If too much, it will cause a lot of friction between the rotating part of the bearing and the grease to generate heat. Generally, the grease placed in the bearing box is about one-half to three-thirds of the total dissolved volume. The second is OK.

If the bearing is installed incorrectly, the fit tolerance is too tight or too loose, it will also cause the bearing to heat up. A well-assembled bearing in a horizontal motor is only subject to radial stress. If the fit is too large, the bearing clearance will be too small after assembly, sometimes close to zero, and it is not flexible to rotate by hand, which will cause heat during operation.

2. Vibration should be distinguished whether it is caused by the motor itself, or caused by a defective transmission device, or transmitted by the mechanical load end, and then eliminate it according to the specific situation. It belongs to the vibration caused by the motor itself, mostly due to poor rotor dynamic balance, poor bearing, bending of the rotating shaft, or different axis of the end cover, frame, and rotor, or the installation foundation of the motor is uneven, the installation is not in place, and the fasteners are loose. of. Vibration China DC Water Pumps Suppliersgenerates noise and additional load.

3. The air gap between the stator and rotor of the three-phase asynchronous vibrating motor is very small, which is easy to cause collision between the stator and the rotor. Generally, due to the serious over-tolerance of the bearing and the wear of the inner hole of the end cover or the wear and deformation of the stop of the end cover and the stop of the machine base, the different axis of the machine base, the end cover and the rotor cause the bore sweep. If it is found that the bearing is damaged, it should be replaced in time, and the end cover should be replaced or brush-plated.

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